Verge of Darkness

Book One, Threads of Fate

About the Book

A time for heroes as demonic abominations stalk the land.

Casca is no hero. He would rather run his tavern, while indulging in his pastime of poring over ancient manuscripts. But a dark shadow hovers over him, for his bloodline has been burdened with the task of protecting the land from the evil of soul eaters dismissed as nothing more than myth by many. Drunken tales told to draw a shudder on cold nights.

They were wrong. The soul eaters return after the barrier between worlds falls, leaving horrific death and desolation in their wake. Casca must face up to responsibilities he is ill-equipped to bear, as the land teeters on the edge of a new age of darkness.

But the threads of fate weave, drawing three mighty warriors into the maelstrom.

Pagan, a wanderer from the furthest corner of the world, seeking redemption for a gruesome act of vengeance committed in his youth, a one-eyed giant axeman from the frozen north, and an ice-cold swordswoman from the eastern continent.

With their very souls at stake, and forced to face their deepest darkest fears, the four must battle to save the land from sliding into a new age of darkness