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 Verge of Darkness


About the Book

“Woe betide all should the abominations breathe the sweet air of the world again.”

Sweat beaded Casca’s brow and a feeling of dread enveloped him as he read the seer’s words. The soul eaters were returning, and there were none to stand against them but a small disparate band.

A narcotic loving tavern owner descended from a sorcerer of legend.

A giant axeman from the frozen north, dying from a cancer in his head.

A cold-eyed swordswoman haunted by a long-dead sorceress, and a dark-skinned wanderer from the far corner of the world, seeking redemption for a gruesome act of vengeance committed in his youth.

Unprepared for the depth of horror facing them, they would need all the help

they could get to keep their very souls, let alone save the land from plunging into a

new age of darkness.

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