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 Verge of Darkness

Book One, Threads of Fate


About the Book

“Woe betide all should the abominations breathe the sweet air of the world once again.”

Hunched over the yellow-aged parchment in the great library of Petralis, sweat beaded Casca’s brow as he read the seer’s words. The Gualich soul eaters were returning, and he was burdened with the unwelcome responsibility of finding a way to defeat them. He wasn’t a warrior, or a sorcerer unlike his a ancestor Castillan who had turned back the soul eaters a thousand years earlier. So, what could he possibly do?

As the barrier between worlds collapses, the Gualich’s demonic servants range across the land, harvesting souls for their masters, leaving a trail of horror, despair and destruction.

Casca’s friend Pagan, a wanderer thousands of leagues from his homeland vows to stand with him, but both are unprepared for the true scale of the nightmare facing them.

High in the Northir Mountains to the north of Petralis, the one-eyed axeman, Moon, a surly giant with bad-disposition, seeks a cure for a growth in his skull. He is advised by the clan witch-woman to travel south.

Far across the ocean, in the ancient kingdom of Chenghuan, the swordswoman Liang, takes ship to Petralis, eager to be re-united with the man she loves.

On the Isle of Kandros, Elphemina, the high priestess of Mithros, a woman of rare gifts and power, ponders what role if any, she should take.

But time is running out. For, should their servants succeed in paving the way for the return of the seven Gualich brothers, their combined might was such that nothing could stop them from plunging the world into a new age of darkness.

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