Verge of Darkness

The first book of the Threads of Fate series

They thought the soul eaters were a myth long-lost in the mists of time. Drunken tales told in taverns or around campfires as cold nights draw in.

They were wrong. The barrier between worlds has held for a thousand years, but now has been breached and demons stalk the land leaving a trail of horrific death and desolation in their wake.

Casca would rather run his tavern and indulge in his pastime of poring over ancient manuscripts, but unfortunately for him, his bloodline has been tasked with the unwelcome task of protecting the land from the horror of the abominations.

He is totally unsuited to the task, but the threads of fate weave, drawing three warriors of rare skill to his aid. Pagan, a wanderer from the furthest corner of the world, seeking redemption from a barbaric act of vengeance committed in his youth, Moon a giant axeman from the frozen north and Liang a cold, deadly swordswoman from the eastern continent.

As the final cataclysmic battle looms, the four must face their deepest fears, as they struggle to save the land from plunging into a new age of woe.

Available in Paperback and Kindle.