The Last Great Heavyweights

A look at the great heavyweight champions

About the Book

There is a truism in boxing: “As the heavyweights go, so does boxing.” Starting with the historical clash between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1971, and culminating with the much anticipated fight between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson in 2002, this book looks at the great heavyweight champions who were the standard bearers of boxing over a thirty-year period.

From the steamy night-heat of Zaire in Africa, to the stiffling heat of Manila in the Phillipines, the early morning wet-cold of Cardiff, Wales, and celebrity-studded ringsides at the casinos of the sin-city of Las Vegas.
Grab a ringside seat and relive the epic fights and stories behind the rivalries as
boxing’s legendary heavyweight champions; Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe battle for the richest prize in sport.

Ham hock-like fists, punching with almost two tons of pressure on one square- inch of surface impact with shattering force. Blood, spittle and sweat spray the air.
Only the strongest of will, courage and chin survive.
In the end, there is one man left standing. The last great heavyweight champion.