The King’s Banquet

The second book of the Threads of Fate series, a short story prequel set about a thousand years before the events recounted in Verge of Darkness

The soul eaters have been defeated and banished to their desolate home world, with a magical barrier placed before the gateway between worlds.

In celebrations to mark the passing of the soul eaters, Belash and his companion the swordswoman Kyung-Su, are lauded as heroes, their names ringing out in the great hall of Crag Halbrosin, the ancient seat of power of the kings of Mellania.

But the gratitude of kings is a fickle thing. Belash the axeman should have paid heed to the old adage, a wise man would grab a king’s largesse with both hands, for the next day he might demand your head on a whim. But Belash had never been a man of temperate disposition.



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