The third book of the Threads of Fate series, set approx. six years after the events recounted in Verge of Darkness.

The Kovari have chaffed at their harsh existence in the arid lands on the edge of the great Kovra-Sa desert for hundreds of years, whilst the Cheng live a life of plenty in the rich verdant lands of Chenghuan. But with the rising of the prophesised leader, the Gatherer or Sahan of all the tribes, a vast army of blood-crazed Kovari tribesmen lay siege to the mighty fortress of Huchao, guarding the southern border of Chenghuan.

Aeneas bears the name of a hero from another world. Thrust into the murderous intrigue of a land far from his, while studying under Chenghuan’s foremost weapons master, he will need deep wells of courage and all his newly learned fighting skills to survive.

Two heroes thought dead return to join Aeneas’s father in his desperate quest to rescue his son from a land in turmoil.

Before all’s done, countless thousands will die, carrion beasts will glut their fill and a young man will either be forged into the finest tempered steel, or shatter into a thousand pieces.


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