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Verge of Darkness

The first book of the Threads of Fate series

About the Book

Descended from a sorcerer of dark legend, Casca is tasked with protecting the land from soul eaters dismissed as nothing more than myth by many. Tall tales told around campfires on cold nights to draw a shudder. Neither a warrior nor magicker, but a tavern owner with a love of smoking narcotics and studying ancient manuscripts, Casca is ill-suited to the task, but according to prophesy, three mighty warriors will come to his aid. The threads of fate duly weave, drawing three warriors of rare skill from far-flung parts of the world to Petralis. Pagan, from the furthest corner of the world, seeking redemption for a gruesome act of vengeance committed in his youth. Liang, a haughty swordswoman from the eastern continent, seeking to be reunited with her love. Moon, a one-eyed giant axeman looking for a cure for a cancer in his skull. As they embark on their monumental task, the four encounter challenges and unspeakable horrors that test their mettle, forcing them to grow individually and forge strong bonds between them.  But in the final cataclysmic battle, they must face and overcome their deepest darkest fears or see the land fall into a new age of woe.


What readers are saying about Verge of Darkness


Like fantasy? Then read This.

Wow, story flowed well with great description, that I felt I was standing in the space beside them. Lockdown has one good thing, I’ve discovered many new great authors that I might never have found this is one.

As always for it took me a while to get into this new world but was very glad I did. The story was exciting and I found myself reading more each day than I normally do. I always judge things by how entertained I am this hit the mark.

Truly a great book

I really loved this book! Couldn’t put it down! There just the right amount of detail in the descriptions. I could picture the scenes easily. Great characters! Just wonderful.

Quality descriptive writing.

Great story, well written, very engrossing, beautiful descriptive writing throughout.