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Your free Epic Anthologies starter library book- The King’s Banquet is a short story prequel to Verge of Darkness, the first book of the Threads of Fate series.

Belash never knew his father. Born to a scullery maid, shunned, and feared in equal measures for his short, squat powerful frame, he was likened to an ugly troll. Resigned to a life of misery and rejection, the fates granted him an unexpected boon of a wife and beautiful boy-child. He was content. But then, horror struck when he loses both to soul eating abominations plaguing the land. Desolate and bitter, his life spirals into drunkenness and wanton violence.

Seeking a measure of revenge, he takes up his father’s old axe, and answers the king’s call for warriors to stand against the abominations.

The soul eaters are vanquished, Belash and his companions lauded as heroes and a banquet is held in their honour. Merriment and celebration hold sway as the great hall of Crag Halbrosin echoes with Belash’s name. Belash the saviour, Belash the demon slayer, Belash the hero.

But the gratitude of kings and the high and mighty is a fickle thing, particularly with wine flowing in abundance and good sense abandoned.

As the night draws to a close, will blood and death and the ring of clashing weapons hold sway as even kings learn Belash isn’t a man to be trifled with, or will all depart to their beds flushed with wine and bellies pleasantly full?


What readers are saying….

“These books re-ignited my love of fantasy. The characters are well-imagined and alive with story lines to keep the pages (virtually) turning…”

“I have not had such a great read since the untimely death of the great David Gemmell. This was brilliant”

“ As I ›flipped through the pages, the images in my head were so vivid, I felt I was watching a movie instead of reading a book…”


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