Ollie Odebunmi.



I have been fortunate enough to earn my livelihood doing things I thoroughly enjoy. After developing an interest in fitness and nutrition at university, I went on to become a fitness trainer before establishing my own gym. These were fun times – spending several days a week pumping iron, training and advising clients on aspects of fitness and nutrition, helping them meet their fitness goals.

Growing up, I couldn’t get enough of Marvel comics and epic fantasy authors such as Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, Roger Zelazny and Edgar Rice Boroughs. I went on to discover Karl Edward Wagner, Raymond Feist and David Gemmel in later years, and silently harboured the ambition to emulate these wonderful authors.

An avid boxing fan, I published my first book, The Last Great Heavyweights – From Ali and Frazier to Lewis and Tyson in 2013. The book was well-received, so, satisfied I had the chops as a writer, I took the plunge into the genre I have always loved and wrote Verge of Darkness. The first book in the Threads of Fate series.