The Threads of Fate weave through the centuries with none spared the vagaries of its whim.

Verge of Darkness

Descended from a sorcerer of dark legend, Casca is tasked with protecting the land from the Gualich. Soul eaters dismissed as nothing more than myth by many. Tall tales told around campfires on cold nights to draw a shudder.

Neither a warrior nor magicker, but a tavern owner with a love of smoking narcotics and studying ancient manuscripts, Casca is ill-suited to the task, but according to prophesy, three mighty warriors will come to his aid.

The threads of fate duly weave, drawing three warriors of rare skill from far-flung parts of the world to Petralis. Pagan, from the furthest corner of the world, seeking redemption for a gruesome act of vengeance committed in his youth. Liang, a haughty swordswoman from the eastern continent, seeking to be reunited with her love and Moon, a one-eyed giant axeman looking for a cure for a cancer in his skull.
As they embark on their monumental task, the four encounter challenges and unspeakable horrors that test their mettle, forcing them to grow individually and forge strong bonds between them. But in the final cataclysmic battle, they must face and overcome their deepest darkest fears or see the land fall into a new age of woe.


The King’s Banquet

Recounting events a thousand years before Casca and his companions faced the Gualich

Driven by his insatiable desire for power and knowledge, Casca’s forbear the sorcerer Castillan, activates the long-dormant gateway between worlds, inadvertently unleashing the horror of the Gualich soul eaters upon Mellania and the neighbouring kingdoms. Putting aside their rivalries and dislike of each other, the kings unite against the common foe, but their armies fall to a man against the Gualich and their demonic servants.

With hope dwindling, Castillan, the very source of the calamity, joins forces with a mysterious high priestess, Belash the axeman, and Kyung-Su, a formidable swordswoman from the distant eastern kingdom of Gaekche. The four defeat the Gualich, banish them to their desolate home world and Castillan seals the gateway with a magical barrier that will last for a thousand years. The sorcerer also worked a mighty spell to ensure his descendants and those of the four heroes would be on hand to stand against the Gualich should thy return.

The kings call a banquet to celebrate the defeat of the Gualich with Belash and Kyung-Su lauded as heroes. But the gratitude of kings is a fickle thing.



Set approximately six years after events recounted in Verge of Darkness

The arid lands on the edge of the great Kovra-Sa desert in the eastern continent, home to the Kovari tribes, have been marred by centuries of internal strife. The Kovari, split into tribes such as the Red Scorpions, Black Jackals, Spotted Hyenas, Blue Hawks, and numerous others, engage in perpetual blood feuds that span generations. However, a long-prophesied leader, known as the Gatherer or Sahan, emerges to unite the disparate tribes.

Under the banner of the Gatherer Yuudai Sahan, a massive army of over half a million Kovari lays siege to the mighty fortress of Huchao. This fortress guards the southern border of the ancient kingdom of Chenghuan, and its fall could unleash a tide of Kovari into the kingdom, seeking the fertile lands and wealth that have been denied to them for so long.

Caught in the midst of this impending conflict is Casca’s son, Aeneas, who is studying under Chenghuan’s foremost weapons master. The weapons master Xiang Tse, an old friend of his father, becomes a mentor to Aeneas as he navigates the complexities of a land so far from his own.

Concerned for his son’s safety, Casca embarks on a journey to Chenghuan, accompanied by two heroes many thought dead. The threads of fate weave, new friendships are forged and old ones rekindled.
Meanwhile, a brutal unrelenting struggle rages on the battlements of Huchao. The threads knot, drawing the protagonists to a shattering finale where old scores are settled in blood and carrion beasts glut themselves on the corpses of thousands with a kingdom’s fate hanging in the balance.


A Chill Wind Blows

Faced with extinction at the hands of the Nissir hordes of the blood god Kalados, the Nordir fled through the great gates to another world. Led by the witch-woman Hjotra, they settled in the Northir Mountains to the North of Petranas in Mellania.

Enraged, Kalados vows to find and destroy them to the last mewling babe.

Five hundred years have gone by and the Nordir have largely lost their past, few if any having any inkling of their origins, or the call of doom by a malicious blood god hanging over them.

The witch-woman Hjotra, who led them to this new world, bears the weight of a dark history that looms over her people.

Now, the vanguard of an invading force – foul beasts born of the blackest sorcery and warriors of unknown origin, are rampaging through the mountains, destroying all before them.

Hjotra and the axeman Moon, face the daunting task of rallying their people. Hjotra, drawing upon her ancient knowledge and mystical powers, seeks to unveil the forgotten history of the Nordir. Moon, with his ensorcelled axe, Ausak Demonbane, stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, embodying the spirit needed to face the dread threat from their past.

High in the Northir Mountains, the clash between the past and the present unfolds. The fate of the Nordir hangs in the balance as they confront the malevolent forces sent by Kalados. The echoes of their ancestors’ flight from extinction resonate as they strive to defy the blood god’s vow and forge a new destiny for themselves in the face of ancient, vengeful horrors.