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About Threads of Fates

The Threads of Fate weave, lives collide and unlikely disparate heroes come together to stand against the soul drinking near-immortal Gualich, and their demonic minions. Returning abominations banished from the world a thousand years earlier.

Descended from the original heroes who defeated and banished the Gualich, the fates have placed an onerous burden on Casca, Moon, and Liang

But all is not lost, for two of them carry ensorcelled weapons, birthrights passed down the line through the ages from their heroic long-dead forebears. And as prophesized, another stands with them; a dark-skinned wanderer from the furthest corner of the world. A man trained by the foremost philosopher-sword master in the known world.  

Adversity, and facing insurmountable odds together forges deep bonds. Bonds tested to the full, as the fates continue to weave a tangled web, drawing them into the maelstrom of world changing events in a distant continent.

Events set in motion as hordes of savage tribesmen, chaffing at their harsh existence in the arid lands at the edge of a great desert, unite and sweep northward. Their goal, the rich fertile lands and wealth of the world’s mightiest kingdom.

Unbeknownst to all, a dark malign otherworldly entity, who draws energy from worship, war, and bloodshed, manipulates in the shadows, seeking dominion over mankind.

And what of the original heroes – what is their story, and that of the ensorcelled weapons bequeathed down the line to their descendants?