A Chill Wind Blows

The fourth book of the Threads of Fate series

Faced with extinction at the hands of the Nissir hordes of the blood god Kalados, the Nordir fled through the great gates to another world. Led by the witch-woman Hjotra, they settled in the Northir Mountains to the North of Petranas in Mellania. Enraged, Kalados vows to find and destroy them to the last mewling babe. Five hundred years have gone by and the Nordir have largely lost their past, few if any having any inkling of their origins, or the call of doom by a malicious blood god hanging over them.

The witch-woman Hjotra, who led them to this new world, bears the weight of a dark history that looms over her people. Now, the vanguard of an invading force – foul beasts born of the blackest sorcery and warriors of unknown origin are rampaging through the mountains, destroying all before them. Hjotra and the axeman, Moon, face the daunting task of rallying their people. Hjotra, drawing upon her ancient knowledge and mystical powers, seeks to unveil the forgotten history of the Nordir. Moon, with his ensorcelled axe, Ausak Demonbane, stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, embodying the spirit needed to face the dread threat from their past.

High in the Northir Mountains, the clash between the past and the present unfolds. The fate of the Nordir hangs in the balance as they confront the malevolent forces sent by Kalados. The echoes of their ancestors’ flight from extinction resonate as they strive to defy the blood god’s vow and forge a new destiny for themselves in the face of ancient, vengeful horrors.


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